Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mortimer takes a trip

Mortimer here reporting from the much-anticipated Ronald McDonald House in sunny Cincinnati Ohio. Come along with me and we will discover together why Timmy's Mom and Dad are so very thankful for Mr. McDonald's generous hospitality!

Here is the entrance.

To get in the door I had to swipe a card in the little slot in the door.

Here is where Timmy's mom and dad get mail:

I was super excited to step into this super cool living room.

Timmy's mom and dad spend quite a bit of time in one of the 5
kitchenettes in the kitchen. Every night dinner is served by a charity group and most breakfasts and some lunches. Most of the time these groups leave leftovers to put in one of the three refrigerators to the left of this picture so when Timmy's mom stays at the hospital too late to make it to dinner, she has something to eat when she does get back.

And this is the play room for the brothers and sisters of the kids in the hospital to play in.

And here is the exercise room, the game closet, and one of the laundry rooms:

This is a really cool spiral staircase on the side of the building on the second floor and here is the view of the street from the top of that staircase.

And here is Timmy's parent's bedroom.

And finally below is the puppet stage that precedes the entrance facing the hospital. Thanks Charles H. Dater!!!

I hope you have enjoyed taking a walk with me through the Ronald McDonald House. A bunch has happened to Timmy this week and I promise to post about it this weekend. Have a great Friday everybody!!!

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