Monday, January 2, 2012

What the feeding therapists don't tell you...

Happy New Year, one and all! Mortimer here. I have now awakened from my two month hibernation to write my first blog post of 2012. This was totally inspired by Timmy's first encounter with his new favorite snack food: snow.

In no time, Timmy was signing for the very first time the word "cold".

Here, Timmy is simultaneously thinking some really deep, inspiring thought and taking his first taste of this white, melt-in-your-mouth-AND-in-your-hand ambrosia.

Timmy says, "my hands are so cold but I must... have...more!"

Timmy is officially hooked after his second whole bowl. (This from a kid who, on a good day, will taste a few bites of food.)

He ate way more snow than he has ever eaten anything else (what's the calorie count in this stuff?). We are contemplating getting him a snow cone maker so that Mom and Dad can try giving him his frozen home-made purees in a fun snow-cone form.


  1. So happy to see him enjoying eating! The snow cone maker is a great idea. A word of caution - I don't know what snow cone machines are like these days, but the hand-cranked Snoopy model we still have takes FOREVER to shave one ice cube. As a more productive alternative, you might want to look into frozen daquiri makers. And definitely something NOT hand powered!

  2. Since I am avoiding work right now, I decided to see if there are electric ice shavers. And indeed there are. (Amazon has them in the $25 range.) No word as to whether they would shave something more solid than ice - such as pureed food. So I looked a little farther, and discovered that frozen adult beverage makers cost 10 times that much... Not sure if that's what the market will bear, or if they are that much more powerful. Hmmmm.