Tuesday, April 19, 2011


To my long-lost fans, I am sorry that it has been so long since this moose has posted an update. As I am sure you can imagine, Timmy keeps us very busy! Timmy is doing great in his new home. For the first several days, his eyes were big as saucers, and he kept looking around. He even had trouble sleeping because he just wanted to be awake to take everything in. Timmy's mommy and daddy are gradually adjusting to the chaos. So far they have received nine big boxes of medical supplies (for the first month!). Once they got everything sorted and a system in place, things got a little easier. On another day I will show you pictures of Timmy's new room and the way his mommy and daddy set things up. But I think that first you will want to see what Timmy has been doing. Because so much has happened, it will be impossible for this moose to describe everything. So instead I will put up some pictures of some of Timmy's "firsts" over the last few weeks. (Besides, everybody knows that looking at pictures is way more fun than reading what this moose has to say.)

Timmy's first time meeting his cousins. (And his first time meeting kids!) He loved them!!

Timmy also loved cuddling up with his Aunt Rebecca!

Timmy's first cloth diaper. We started cloth diapers on the third day home, and we have not looked back! Timmy is also sporting a button buddy, sent by some friends of Timmy's daddy and mommy from high school. They go under his g-tube disc and they come in all sorts of fun patterns. We love them! Timmy's mommy and daddy are definitely going to have to get him some more of these!

Timmy's second cloth diaper. It is hard to tell in the picture, but it is a Grinch diaper. Timmy's mommy bought it for a going home present for him when we thought Timmy would be home for Christmas. He just barely squeezes into it now, so we are trying to get some good out of it while we can!

Timmy's first walk (we can take him outside now!). He did not stay in his stroller very long, and he was not quite sure what to think (it was a windy day). He fell asleep in his mommy's arms after about ten minutes. But we sure had fun!

Timmy's first time falling asleep in his swing (such a nice, normal baby thing to do!)

Timmy's first homemade baby food (sweet potatoes):

Timmy enjoying his first taste of sweet potatoes! (Timmy usually eats several bites. But we have also discovered that he seems to like eating food off of his bib more than off of a spoon. Hey, at this point we will take any mode of oral eating!)

The carnage after Timmy's first emergency trach change. (Okay, it was not really an emergency, because Timmy's mommy and daddy changed the trach before it became a true emergency. But there was a big ole' mucus plug stuck to the bottom. That's Timmy up in the upper right corner, sleeping all the excitement off.)

Timmy's second walk. (Okay, so this was not exactly a first, but he was just so darn cute that day this moose could not resist adding the picture!)

Timmy's first time playing a real piano! (We also discovered that as with the toy piano, Timmy prefers to play with his feet!)


  1. Loved seeing all these "firsts." And no wonder Timmy's so cute. Good genes, apparently - his cousins are adorable! Praising God for walks, cloth diapers, fun things like button buddies, and that he's eating solid food like a champ!

  2. Wonderful photos to share all the firsts! :) Love the cloth! (I'm a sucker for a baby with a fluffy butt!) And kudos on the cloth & homemade food... :)

  3. Just beautiful! We're rejoicing with you guys!

  4. I love the photo of Mark playing piano with Timmy on his lap..... awesome that you can finally do stuff like that together!!! ~Vange