Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

Timmy's mommy and daddy have had lots of fun over the last few days getting supplies together and getting stuff ready for Timmy. It feels like Christmas (even better!) because they have had all sorts of fun stuff to open, and this moose has been testing it all out for Timmy.

This is Timmy's new IV pole. It folds up like an umbrella! We will use it to hang his feeds from when we are at home. I can also hang out on the IV pole and watch everything that is going on!

This is Timmy's new bag to hold his feeding bag full of milk and his feeding pump for when we are on the go. It is Timmy-sized, so when Timmy gets a little bit older he can wear it and run around without missing out on his food!

This machine is called a pulse oximeter. It measures Timmy's heart rate and his oxygen levels. If Timmy has an emergency, it will start beeping really loudly so that somebody can come help him. Timmy has a pulse oximeter in the hospital, too, and it drives us crazy. The sensor goes on Timmy's foot, and when Timmy is playing it always alarms. But this machine is very important for keeping Timmy safe. We tried to test it on me, but we discovered that moose hooves do not work very well with pulse oxes. I am just glad that Timmy has a pulse ox and not a pulse moose.

This is Timmy's emergency bag. It holds all the supplies that we will need if Timmy has a problem. This is the bag that we hope we will never have to use.

I let Timmy's Mommy and Daddy pract
ice moose CPR on me with Timmy's special ambu-bag. This is another thing that we hope we never have to use.

Timmy also has his very own suction machine. It is very loud, so do not be scared if Timmy's mommy or daddy turns the machine on when you are with him. The nice lady at the equipment company told us to be sure and empty the goobers out of the suction canister if it gets full. It holds 800 cc (.8 liters). That is a lot of Timmy goobers! (Do not worry, we will empty it much more frequently.)

Timmy got this nifty stroller as a going home present. His car seat snaps into it, and there is just enough space in the basket underneath for his suction machine, emergency bag, and pulse oximeter. Timmy's mommy and daddy told me that I will be responsible for carrying his diaper bag, since it will not fit underneath. Here, we are testing it to see if they will be able to suction Timmy while they leave the suction machine underneath. It works perfectly!

Timmy has been practicing sitting in his carseat the last few days. We do not want Timmy's first time in a carseat to be the two-hour drive home. Timmy did not like his carseat the first time around, but he is starting to get used to it. He had fun riding around in his carseat in his stroller in the little bit of clear floor in his room.

And what does Timmy think about going home?

This moose has one more announcement to make. If Timmy does not do anything else crazy, he will be going home TOMORROW!!! I am so excited my purple antlers are getting all tingly!


  1. Seriously, so happy for your family to be taking Timmy HOME!!! Prayers that tomorrow is THE DAY :)

  2. So happy for you all that I have tears in my eyes! Keep us updated! Sarah Jackson