Monday, August 22, 2011

Harry Party and the Big Umbrella

Hi Friends!

I know you are tuning in to read part three so I won't delay...

(Oops. I wrote that several days ago and then I did not finish. So after much delay, I will continue...)

We went to Grandma Constance's house after they discharged us on Saturday (8/13/11). If you remember, it was Timmy's daddy's birthday the day before, and since they had to put Timmy on oxygen, we did not think it would be a good idea to light birthday candles in the hospital. We came home from the hospital just in time for a birthday party! Since Timmy's mommy's birthday is later in August, we decided to celebrate two birthdays at the same time. Timmy got to spend time with two aunts, two grandmas, two grandpas, two cousins, and two parents. For awhile, it seemed like Noah's ark!

One of Timmy's favorite parts of his entire visit to Ohio was spending time with his cousins. He loved playing with them, and you could tell that he really wanted to run off after them. We are so happy that Timmy has cousins that he can play with! Timmy's cousins even put up with hair-pulling and nose smashing and all of the other fun games that Timmy likes to play.

After a few more rounds of smash the nose, we got out the cake.

This moose has never seen such a green cake before! In fact, we all walked around for the rest of the day with green teeth. (Well, all of us except for Timmy, because he cannot walk and his mean mommy and daddy would not give him any cake, not even through his g-tube.) But Timmy's cousins sure enjoyed the cake!

Instead of cake, Timmy got to drink water. (This sounds mean, but drinking ice water out of a cup is one of Timmy's favorite things to do, and his mommy and daddy do not give him water very often because milk is better for him.) We learned our lesson, though, when Timmy kept crumpling the cup and spilling water all over the place!

And then came what we were all waiting for--presents! Timmy's daddy got something he had been wanting for a long time--a giant umbrella! Now Timmy and his daddy can take long walks without Timmy turning into a lobster.

The next day we got back into the car and drove all the way back to Maryland. (But do not worry, friends, Timmy's exciting saga is not over yet. I still have more to tell you!)

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  1. Oh, Nich can totally relate to the desire for a giant umbrella! He doesn't think any of the umbrellas we have are "real" umbrellas, because they "only work for small people." :~)

    Can Timmy have cake for his first birthday?