Tuesday, August 9, 2011

To our friends in Cincinnati

Happy ten month birthday to Timmy! It is a little late (we celebrated on time, but this moose forgot to post the pictures!). It is hard to believe that in two months, Timmy will be one year old!

The real reason I am writing is to tell you that Timmy and I (and Timmy's mommy and daddy) are coming to Cincinnati!! On Friday Timmy's doctors will make Timmy fall asleep so that they can look down the inside of his throat to make sure he is still as healthy as a moose. We wanted to ask our friends in Cincinnati if they still remember Timmy and me (who could forget us?). Do you want us to stop by Timmy's old home in the RCNIC to say hi? Timmy and I miss all of our friends, but we wanted to make sure that you have not found other mooses that you like better than me. This is what Timmy thinks of that idea:

We are very excited to come back and visit!

Before I sign off, Timmy wanted me to be sure and tell you about everything he is learning how to do. He can sit up now, all by himself:

And his newest trick is being able to support himself on his arms. If Timmy's mommy and daddy help him straighten his arms out and put them on the ground, he can stay like this for 20 or 30 seconds!

That is all this moose has time to tell you right now. It is time for me to help Timmy's mommy and daddy pack up all of Timmy's supplies for our big trip to Ohio!

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