Thursday, May 26, 2011

The cat's out of the bag!

Well, I'm not entirely sure how much the cat was ever actually IN the bag, but yes, it's official. We're moving to Laurel, Maryland in less than two weeks. Mark and I will be switching roles when we move--I'll be working at the University of Maryland and Mark will be staying home with Timmy. My new workplace has been very gracious about holding the position for me until we felt Timmy was stable enough to move. We're excited about the move, but we do expect it to be a pretty rough transition. Timmy's been helping us get ready for the move.

Chaos has officially descended on our household (not that the chaos ever actually left). I hadn't realized how many different specialists, agencies, supply companies, etc. are involved with Timmy's care until it came time to sort out transferring everything to another state. These days, in addition to making sure Timmy stays healthy (not an easy task!) Mark and I spend what little free time we have sorting and getting things ready for the move and researching specialists, hospitals, and services in Maryland. We're setting things up with a bunch of new services: ENT, pulmonology (both of these will also continue in Cincinnati, so we'll have two of each), pediatrician, genetics (though we're considering keeping that in Columbus), High Risk follow-up (which I was excited to find exists in DC!), urology (though this is not urgent), ophthalmology (also not urgent), occupational therapy, speech and/or feeding therapy, physical therapy, potentially GI, medical equipment supplier, Medicaid waiver, and we're hoping to get Timmy involved in some ASL classes and/or an ASL playgroup. I'm sure there are a few others that I'm not thinking of right now.

And in light of the long to-do list, what am I currently doing during Timmy's nap? Writing a blog post and making my way (rather quickly) through a bag of chocolate chips.


  1. There are some very good specialists in the Baltimore/DC area. Johns Hopkins hospital is there and has an excellent reputation. I hope that everything goes very, very smoothly for you all as you get ready for a big move. We used to live right at the corner of MD/PA/DE so if there's anything I can help with (obviously specialists aren't my speciality, but kids museums and fun things are more up my alley), I'm happy to help!

  2. Hey Mortimer! I love hearing about your adventures with Timmy! I really miss our mornings together though :)

    But to Michelle and Mark, it's been so great to hear how wonderful things have been going at home with Timmy. He looks absolutely amazing! I miss his morning laughs and smiles with Mortimer.No one could beat our playtime :) I'm excited to hear all about your next big move to Maryland. Michelle, you're going to be fantastic. I'm so proud of you! And Mark, I'm sure you are getting excited to stay home with Timmy and play! I'll say my prayers that everything goes smoothly just as it should.
    Please give Timmy hugs and kisses for me. I miss you guys and hope all continues to go well. Take care and I'll be looking forward to hearing from Mortimer! Love,Melissa