Thursday, May 19, 2011

Timmy's shower (more like a deluge)

Another very exciting thing happened on Saturday, and that was Timmy's baby shower!! Because Timmy came so early, and because his mommy is such a procrastinator (and thought scheduling a baby shower at 37 or 38 weeks would give her plenty of time to prepare), Timmy did not have a baby shower. But we are glad, because we think that doing it this way was lots more fun. Timmy got to attend his own shower and his shower turned into a celebration of Timmy and everything that he has been through.

Timmy's shower was organized by some pretty fantastic ladies at our church.

We started out by watching a couple of videos about Timmy. (I will try to post those on here sometime in the next few days.) After that it was time to open gifts. We were very overwhelmed by the generosity of Timmy's friends and family. We have been supported every step along the way of this journey by loved ones, and Timmy's shower was no exception.

Timmy's favorite part was, of course, the wrapping paper.

Timmy's mommy was assisted in the gift opening by two very capable assistants.

One of the other reasons that it was so wonderful to have Timmy's shower so late is that we were able to tell people more specifically what kinds of things he would benefit most from. We made a gift registry on Amazon, and Timmy got all sorts of neat stuff, including sign language videos (for Timmy), sign language books (for Timmy's mommy and daddy), cloth diaper covers, a stroller that was recommended by some other parents of trach kids (because it has a basket big enough to hold all the equipment), a bath chair to make Timmy's bath time safer, a diaper bag with enough room for extra medical supplies, books and supplies for making baby food (which will also be useful if Timmy is using his G-tube for a long time), CDs listen to (including one introducing Timmy to the orchestra!), new toys, gallons and gallons of vinegar and distilled water for cleaning Timmy's equipment, and all sorts of other things. Timmy is also well supplied now with clothes that are more stylish than anything his mommy and daddy own. Here is Timmy sporting one of his new outfits and playing with a new toy.

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  1. Hurray for baby showers! And for friends who get you exactly what you want/need! :~) I'll have to check out that Amazon registry after we move!