Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Graduation Day

Saturday was a big day. We were very lucky that Timmy woke up happy on Saturday morning after his rough day Friday. The first big thing that happened was that Dr. Mommy officially graduated with her PhD in Linguistics from Rice University. But because they will not let mooses rid airplanes, Mommy decided it was best not to fly to Houston for the graduation. Instead, Timmy's daddy and I arranged an extra special graduation ceremony for her at home! And even though Timmy did not officially graduate with anything, we decided that he has been through so much that he deserved to wear a silly hat too. So Timmy's daddy made graduation hats for Timmy and his mommy out of brown paper bags. Then Timmy's mommy wore her bathrobe and Timmy wore one of his mommy's shirts with the sleeves all rolled up. And Timmy's daddy sang Pomp and Circumstance and I squeaked along.

Timmy's mommy already had her graduation present. A long time ago she and Timmy's daddy had planned to use their frequent flier miles to go to Ireland to celebrate, but then the frequent flier miles people changed all the rules. So then they decided they would go to Hocking Hills instead, but Timmy changed their plans. So Timmy's mommy got the next best thing for graduation--a Wii!

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