Sunday, March 20, 2011

No surgery!!

As of 7pm this evening, Timmy's surgery (scheduled for 7:45 am tomorrow) has been canceled. Several days ago we noticed that the former J-tube site had started to heal up. We have no idea why it would suddenly start healing after six weeks. On Thursday morning they took Timmy down for another upper GI. It showed no leakage. So late Friday morning they started him on feeds at 1ml/hr. They've been gradually working him up ever since. He's up to 10 ml/hr (full feeds would be about 25 ml/hr) and so far there is no sign of any leaking! They held the OR slot for him until today at 7pm, when they decided to cancel his surgery. There is always a chance that his hole will open back up and he will need that surgery later, but the doctors are hopeful that will not happen. We're a little hesitant about celebrating too much, because we've been through so much. But obviously this is great news! If things continue to go well and Timmy continues to tolerate his feeds, we could be home in a few weeks!!

And what does Timmy think about this latest development? He was too busy reading to be reached for comment.


  1. What wonderful news! Praise the Lord. I love you Timmy!
    Aunt Cherry

  2. This is fantastic news!! Whoo-hoo!

    And that is a great picture, too :)

  3. Unbelievable that home could really just be a few weeks away. What WONDERFUL news!! Hang it there. Good work, Timmy!