Friday, March 25, 2011

We miss Mommy!

(written on Friday) Hi folks! Mortimer here. Timmy has been giving us a bit of drama the last couple days now that Mommy is in Houston defending her dissertation. He was all smiles with Mommy yesterday morning but after she left he ran a fever and his heart rate was high (200's when normal is 130's to 150's). Not only that but when his Daddy was putting him back in bed last night, his G-tube popped out of his tummy. They decided to try a mickey button G-tube in its place which would allow us the freedom to take off the tube part when the time comes when he will not be on continuous feeds. That popped out this morning though (the balloon that holds it in place was completely deflated so it might have been that or it might have been that his G-tube hole was just too big for the button to be secure...or a combo of both). So now he has a normal G-tube that is slightly smaller than the one he had 24 hours ago...and they made sure the balloon is inflated. They are still running tests to see what is causing Timmy's resent sickness. The blood cultures came back normal and we still have to hear about the urine and trach cultures. I will keep you posted.

Hi it's me again. It's Saturday now and Timmy is still sleeping. we were afraid that he would be getting his nights and days mixed up when he slept from 1pm to 10:30pm yesterday. But when his Daddy came in at 9:30am this morning he was still asleep and the nurse said he had slept all night. We tried to wake him up and play (I even tried my squeaker) but his droopy eyes would not budge so we decided to just let him sleep. In rounds this morning the doctors said that his urine cultures are still negative so they don't think this is a result of bad stuff in his pee. They do think though that it might be a result of some bad bacteria that was introduced in his body from his pic line in his arm. It's really old and they are thinking now that it is doing more harm than good so tomorrow they are planning on pulling it since he hasn't been on TPN for a few days and he has been tolerating full milk feeds for a few days.

In other news, Timmy can now say that he is the proud son of Dr. Mommy!!! This moose was so excited when he heard that he had to go out in the hallway to squeak up a storm in celebration since Timmy was still asleep. Yay Mommy!!! We are so proud of you!!! But we are so ready for you to come back (I think Timmy's Daddy is the most ready) :)

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