Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scopes and surgeries!

Hi everybody! I am so sorry that I have not posted in a long time. Timmy and I have been so busy playing that I keep forgetting to tell you all about what has been happening.

Last Monday (March 7) Timmy went on a field trip to the OR so that the doctors could take a look at his airway. The ENT doctor came out first. He said that there is a lot of swelling in Timmy's airway that they cannot explain (sometimes it just happens) and that there is a scar band that is making Timmy's airway narrower. They will have to remove the scar band surgically, but they can do that at the same time that they do the surgery to take his trach out someday. But his graft looks great! Yay Timmy!

After that Timmy's mommy and daddy talked to the pulmonary doctor. He said that Timmy is looking better on the outside than on the inside. His airway is very swollen and still really floppy (they call that malacia). He is a little bit surprised that Timmy is breathing as well as he is, without any vent support. His biggest concern is that if Timmy gets a little cold, he will probably have to go back to the hospital for a week or so in order to get some help breathing. So when we come home, if you want to see Timmy, please make sure you are healthy first! They are also going to give Timmy some drugs to help with the swelling in his airway.

When Timmy came back from the OR he was mad as a hornet. They finally had to give him some sedation to calm him back down. And the next day he still had an anesthesia hangover. But he is a happy boy again now!

In other news, Timmy has a surgery date for his belly! While we do not want Timmy to have to have another big surgery, we realize that this is our only option. So Timmy will be going to the OR on Monday, March 21. They will probably have to do a bowel resection--this means that they will cut a section out of his bowel and then sew it back together. But they are not completely sure what they will have to do and will not know until they get in there.

We are hoping that Timmy will be able to come home from the hospital a month or so after his surgery. We hope that it will not be too much longer. We are getting tired of the hospital. Timmy misses his daddy during the week, but he sure likes to talk to him on the phone!

Thanks for listening! I am sorry this moose is such a slacker when it comes to updates.

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  1. What an adorable grin! :~) Thanks for the update!