Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bath time!

Hello everyone! Guess what! Timmy had his first bath today! I mean his first bath in a bath tub. I took some pictures as you can see (it's hard to hold the camera with hooves!). I think Timmy did not like it very much. I kept wondering if they were using ice cold water the way he was crying the whole time but Timmy's mommy assured me that it was nice warm water. Afterward Timmy was very tired and slept for a long time. He was a tuckered little tike!

In other news, Timmy's feeds are up to 2 ml/hour in his G-tube and 20 ml/hour in his J and still no sign of trouble. The doctors also decided to put Timmy on a mist collar starting a
t 2pm today. He is still on it and handling it very well. He has been on CPAP and the ventilator for a very long time. Just to give you an idea of the levels of breathing support that we are looking at: The ventilator gives the most support, CPAP a little less, the mist collar only humidifies the air before he breaths it into his lungs, an external nose still humidifies the air but just less so, and last we have the trach by itself. The last time he was on mist collar was before the scope before this past surgery about a month ago. Since then he has only been on the vent or CPAP. So this is really encouraging that he is doing so well on the mist collar.

Not much else to report from Timmy's room. It certainly smells a lot better with a clean baby bunking next to me :)


  1. Ahhhh! Timmy is so cute! I love the pic of him in the bathtub--he just looks so strong and robust.
    LOVE these updates. Keep them coming, Mortimer.

  2. Great pictures and great news about Timmy! Thanks for the updates, Mortimer.