Friday, January 21, 2011

Meet the Family

I have already started receiving fan mail. Keep it coming!

At the request of one of my newest fans, I thought that I would tell you a little more about our family.
I was born on a dark and stormy night in a Lamaze factory. I spent my early days sitting on a shelf in Buy Buy Baby. Thankfully on the day Timmy’s parents came to visit me, I was on sale, because I do not think Timmy’s parents would have spent twenty bucks on me (thankfully now they know better…I am worth my weight in purple gold!) After adopting me, they took me to the hospital to meet Timmy. It was love at first sight! From the first moment he saw me, Timmy could not get enough of my purple antlers. We have been best buds ever since. The rest of our crew includes an elephant, several monkeys, a camel, a white rat, a baby lion, and a Christmas turkey. One of the monkeys is named Arthur, but Timmy’s parents are open to suggestions for everybody else! Other friends include a kangaroo, a blue bear, and a hippo that are all waiting in Timmy’s nursery at home.

Timmy’s daddy’s name is Mark. He works in Westerville, OH coordinating delivery of medical supplies to workers comp patients all over the country. In what little spare time he has these days, he spends his time reading Harry Potter novels and watching Harry Potter movies and listening to Harry Potter soundtracks (do you sense a theme here?). Much as he enjoys his job, his biggest dream in life is to become independently wealthy so that he no longer needs insurance and doesn’t have to spend five days a week away from his family.

Timmy’s mommy is named Michelle. She’s a grad student and is working on her dissertation in linguistics. She’s lucky enough to get to stay in Cincinnati, so she gets to hang out with Timmy and me every single day. Sometime in the future Timmy’s mommy and daddy have promised me that I’ll get to take a field trip to the place where she’s staying—a place called the Ronald McDonald House. I hear that it is a wonderful place and it is right next to the hospital. Timmy’s mommy thinks one of the hardest things right now is learning how to balance taking care of me and Timmy with working on her dissertation and missing her husband.

And of course we all know and love Timmy! He is now 16 weeks old and weighs nearly 8 lbs. His favorite things in life are his pacifier and me and looking at himself in the mirror and me and his mobile and me and looking at all the flashing lights when his alarms go off and me. Aww, I love Timmy too!

Someone asked where I can receive fan mail. The best way to send me letters is to send them to Timmy's mommy at the Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati. Then she can give them to me. The address is 350 Erkenbrecher Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45229. (You could probably also use this address to write a letter to Timmy, too.)

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  1. I love reading these updates. Keep them coming. I'm so glad to hear of all of Timmy's little accomplishments and improvements. Can't wait until you are all home together as a family. Love, Vange