Monday, January 17, 2011

Timmy's New Digs

Mortimer here. I am so excited that I am fit to burst! Timmy has his very own room now! The nice nurse lady moved us to Timmy's new room just last night. It was so quiet that I could hear my hooves crinkle! No more crying babies and only one set of alarms now to tell us when Timmy is on cloud less than nine. Here it is:

We had a very hard time keeping things organized in the E pod. Now we have a lot more room to store things in this closet space. And we have our own TV so that Timmy and I can enjoy my favorite (I mean our favorite) cartoon: Bullwinkle!!!

Nurse lady says that the hospital is trying out these cameras so that the people in the next room can make sure Timmy is doing well even when they are not in the room with him. Someone still always has to be in the room with Timmy at all times whether it is his Mommy or Daddy or nurse lady or me.

It is very very important that you wash your hooves, hands and paws when you enter Timmy's room. That is why we have our very own sink with special soaps:

This is the ventilator machine that helps Timmy breath in and out:

And here is Timmy's bulletin board. WE LOVE YOU TIMOTHY (fish fish fish)!!!

And here I am helping Timmy's mommy write her dissertation at the desk that is next to Timmy's crib:

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of Timmy's new room!

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  1. Our family prays for Timmy every day. This was so interesting. Thank you for updating us. We will continue to pray for Timmy and for those who care for him. Best wishes to you also, Michelle,as you finish up your dissertation.
    May God bless each of you.