Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Polished purple antlers, milk, an MRI, and Harry Potter

Today's big news: I got my antlers polished. Today's other big news: The doctors took another look down Timmy's throat and found out that the skin stuff around his surgery site is exactly the way it should be (in medical terms it is completely "mucosalized"). So that meant that they are planning on doing a swallow study on Monday to see if his swallow muscles will work correctly. That also meant that they wanted Timmy to get used to the idea of using his tongue to taste things hence the pictures. In the top picture, the nurse lady is just putting some milk on his binky and in the other picture the nurse lady put a teensy bit of milk in the bottle nipple. He seemed to enjoy it and slurped everything right up.

In other news, Timmy will be having an MRI done of his spine and brain this Friday at around 11:30am. The doctors were planning on doing an MRI of his spine anyway and the brain was added when we got news of his actual diagnosis (Opitz G/BBB). The geneticist doctors at Nationwide Children's hospital in Columbus said that an MRI of his brain might yield different or more specific results than the ultrasound of his brain that they took during his first month of life. We are hoping that everything is normal although with my friend Timmy I think we can expect to expect the para-normal :)

In other news, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is released in theaters on July 15 2011.

In other news, it is past 11pm and this little moose is totally tuckered. This is Mortimer signing off.

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  1. Mortimer, you crack me up. Yay for Tummy slurping up that delicious milk!