Tuesday, January 25, 2011

G! no J!

This is Mortimer here wishing you all a very fine Tuesday morning. You might guess from the picture to the left that I am just hanging out with my very tubed friend Timmy. Well you would be right except I wanted to show you that the little yellow tube with the orange cap directly below me is his now useless j-tube! That is correct folks, Timmy is now being fed completely through his g-tube (22ml/hour) and nothing through his j-tube (0ml/hour)!! and here is more proof (see pic to the right):

We are all really excited about this because this is the first time Timmy's stomach will have been used without risk of milk going into his lungs!

And how you may ask does little
Timmy feel about this milestone?

Well, to be fair, in this picture he was really just mad about being put in his bouncer but he really is just as excited about being fed exclusively through his g-tube as we are.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Stay tuned for my field trip to the Ronald McDonald House. Timmy's mom and dad keep promising me that they will take me but then they forget and I forgive them.


  1. WHOO-HOO! That's great news! And I love the pouty pic :) Looking forward to seeing the Ronald McDonald house!

  2. Wonderful news! Also, that picture of Timmy will keep me laughing for a while.