Saturday, January 15, 2011

Timmy pooped on me today

This morning I had been dreaming about a world full of my favorite color, purple. I woke up and noticed that I was at the bottom of my friend Timmy's crib instead of the top. Hmmm I said to myself, that is odd. Usually I am at the top of my friend Timmy's crib so that I can talk with my friend Timmy. But today I started out the day at the bottom and the nice nurse lady, she was doing what is called "doing my friend Timmy's assessment". For that usually the nurse lady takes his temperature with a stick in his arm pit, takes his blood pressure with a little bracelet around his leg with wires coming out of it, and changes his diaper with a very teeny tiny diaper. I was excited to get to tell my friend Timmy what it is like to see the diaper change from the bottom of the crib. It would give us something else to talk about besides how much we like being friends.

But then, I am very unsure how it happened, all of a sudden the nurse lady, she did not have him covered up at the right time and KABLOOEE! I was covered from striped red and orange scarf to purple antler in my friend Timmy's mushy icky stuff. Then the nurse lady wiped me off a little bit and banished me to the laundry bag where I could not talk to my friend Timmy about anything at all. It was a very sad day. Finally, my friend Timmy's mommy came and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed me in the bathroom sink and then I took a fun ride in a washing machine and a drying machine and I came out spic and span and I was at the TOP of my friend Timmy's crib where we could talk about being friends again. I love my friend Timmy!


  1. God had blessed you with a beautiful baby. You are fighting a hard battle. I'm so glad you are able to still have a sense of humor. Thank you for this blog.