Wednesday, January 19, 2011

G for Grrrrreat!

Mortimer here again wishing you all a happy Tuesday. Some great things happened today. Timmy and I had some fun time on the floor today with Mommy. Timmy really can't stop looking around his new room. That means that he doesn't really get a lot of sleep. His eyes keep drooping and then he pops them awake not wanting to miss anything. I think I am a bad influence since I can not close my eyes. I will have to work on that.

The other wonderfu
l thing that happened was that the doctors decided to try to start feeding Timmy through his G-tube. The G-tube is the big white plastic tube with the big circle on his belly that you see in the picture on the left. Before today he was getting all 22 ml/hour of mommy's milk in his J-tube which is the smaller yellow tube right under the G-tube. The J-tube goes right into Timmy's intestine and the G-tube goes right into his stomach. They have never put anything in his G-tube since they did not want anything to go up his esophagus and into his throat and possibly into his lungs. But now that the hole between his trachea and esophagus is closed up it is safe to try just 1 ml/hour while 21 ml/hour of mommy's milk are still being fed into his J tube. It is important for the doctors to figure out if it is possible to use Timmy's stomach. Once they know whether or not Timmy can have milk in his stomach, they will be able to make a plan. Hopefully we will get to the place where the J-tube will not be needed anymore. (By the way, Timmy's foot is not channeling Rudolph, that little red light is a little machine that measures the amount of oxygen in his blood. Do not ask this moose how it works!)

In other news: Timmy's Daddy misses Timmy very very much (my sources are very good on this news!). Oh and it is now Wednesday. Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. LOVE the pictures of Timmy with Mommy and Daddy! :~) We're praying right alongside you guys every day!